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Over 5,000 Punisher Valve Bodies have been sold since 2008. 


The Punisher Valve Body is a performance modification and improves overall transmission durability.  In factory form, this valve body is a wear and failure prone area of the E40D and 4R100.  The modulators seize.  The regulator valves drag and seize in their bores.  The piston springs fracture.  Symptoms of these failures include abnormally soft or harsh shifts, gear slippage, clutch damage and loss of gear altogether. 


Punisher Valve Bodies are built to address these failure prone areas.  Transmission reliability is increased and the performance feel is incredible, making your truck much more enjoyable to drive.  

If you own a Punisher Valve Body and you would like it adjusted in any way (firmer or softer), just give me a holler.  I offer this service FREE for as long as you own it.  COMP valve bodies cannot be adjusted.

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